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HANDI H O L D E R s ' /to children/

HANDI H O L D E R s ' /to children/

There are the Czech products of producion a packaging holder for draw - on the 1page A3/2pcs    with various grafic print, to cutting , as the jigsaw = A Handi Holder on drinking TP boxes (150-200-250 ml.)        

Art.:  51000, 13.1.01  Ladybug                                                                                                                           (A3/page - 1 Ladybug+1 free template to original motive ) 

It is good of prepare the kids to the school , and how to do everiting ( for develop, happy life and to be a clever, to have a dexterity)

Art.:  51000,13.2.01   Ladybug +                                                                                                                       *    A3/page – The same motives, but with thick highlighted  line  along the perimeter to Fai nt-sighted children, only print without spec. grooves.


Art.:  51000,13.0.01   Ladybug    in special type with gro the part surface touch of extrusion press       

     1 glued packageing /10pcs  *For skillful children

Kreative LADYBUG /with a stencil as the JIGSAW/Folder  ( to blind KIDS, and to children or people with a disabilities )

Others motives :   HANDI H O L D E R s ' /to children/


Art.:  51000,13.0.12   Color Crayon

Baseic simply motive for little children in the start creative doing and learning, (with a disabilities, to blind also)

-     special type with groove the part surface touch of extrusion press

                                                                                                                  a)    1 glued packageing/10pcs (tearing book);      or   b)    1page A3/2pces one type

       New model  - future type coming prepared         ( ** possibility to order with longer delivery times)                                                         


Art.:  51000,13.1.03  Dragon  (Crocodile

1page A3/2pcs of 1type                                  

Half of Page - graph.motive DRAGON-Crocodile  A3 (1/2)

Especially for children, whit the part on motoricle disbilities, there is idea how to give motive to learning and to do basic and cutting. All for children must to have a basic develop and own learning on kreative work (cut/drawing/writing/folding and creative doing)

( and many others variouse motives, a special. style to blind people – as the first creative type for drawing!, give an example - becaause these children can to draw  with wax crayon )

    The print with a press links are to kids, who can to learn by the part of motoricle links (as a line of grooves to touch).                             Others healthy kids can to draw and do cutting with scissors, to do own sample of the folding of holder - as a Dragon/crocodile and many others types - who can the children to learn and have own development, creative working, etc.


Art.  51000,   FAMILY packing/3pcs

MIX set   = 1. Ladybug + 2. Dragon/A3 with 2pc + 1pc spec. Ladybug  (for example) 



HANDI HOLDERS    (for children) the basic type

a)   plastic    (Art. 53000.13)    1. the basic
b)   paper     (Art. 5100013)
c)   plastic+paper      with print some of graph.motives.
It´s  means - the base sample type .

there are many various posibilities for type and new motive od graphic
color print can to be on
- paper´s holder,
- on the plastic holder

b)                              a)                   there are many variable motivs, 

The HOLDERs can to be :    




HANDI HOLDERS  ( for wraper - TPbox, TP cartons  0,7li- 1 li - 2li -  2,5li ) or to  plastic/paper CUP .

   . . . . . .             



Pictures of description of foldering the jigsaw-the folding  (Handi Holder)

Art.: (53)-51000,13; 51000,13.1/2/0. ….



The paper based = creative page with 2 pcs various motive on holder and it is  a jigsaw  with accurate children's motives in the page A3/350gr.; color B/W with 2 pcs on a single worksheet.  Were formed for children for fun, creative work, learning and especially for     their development.                                                                                                                                                                                                    It can to Improve the surround perception, visual perception and in the use of colors and shades, improve motoric skills, memory and logic consideration . etc, To priper to teaches graphomotoric skills, contribute to individual creativity, cutting,  and one of the reward is   the "holder" for Tetra Pack box of drinking, every refreshing is very import for children.
The children are improving in drawing, in the exact cuting, support the creativity or other overall skill, they can to do own original authentic motive ,etc. Children's basic holder plastic PP can to use in combine multiple copies by models of the base graphic, especially  - the motives to children with desabilities (blind children, after injury, to the elderly , sufferers people, ….)
Are intended for younger little children /from 3 years old, in front of schoolchildren, when there are prepare news for distribution the helping templates - it is especialy for handicap/(disabilities) children and if you like, we will be presenting, we give more info, you can ask for a samples, or separate tutorials on the combination, leaflets, CE certificates on the safe product the children, etc.                            Welcome a companies as a bussiness partners, who can have a new range of helping´s goods, who love every children. 

Now is very important to do our world the better and nicer, especelly for kids. More produce means  to easy and cheaper products - the same as this (universal and variable to every of group people-children)

HANDI H O L D E R ( 1li TPcarton and more than 12 types of bottles)